Tamara Holland used to be a post-conviction death penalty defense attorney.

Now, she’s a grandma who writes and makes art between California and Croatia.

And boy oh boy, can you find her stuff all over the place!

* Instagram: @tamholland123 . . . travel photography and original mixed media art+poetry postings daily (and sometimes a bunch a day)

* Facebook: Bean Up The Nose Art . . . original mixed media art+poetry postings daily

* Medium.com: tamaraholland . . . postings and pictures about life back-and-forth between Croatia and California

* Twitter: @tamholland . . .60,000 tweets and counting, about just about everything in life.

* Amazon.com . . . THE ROAD PRESENTS ITSELF, a 1st-century AD Roman murder mystery/crime noir told by Tiberius in 21st-century style.

* Blurb.com . . . Mixed-media art books